Swirkle anyone?

Yesterday, I went to Tully`s and had a Swirkle. It was pretty good. I don't understand why they put something on their menu that is so hard to say? Can you say Swirkle? 
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Trip to the Apple Store


Apple Store - Fast
Apple Store - Slow

My trip to the Apple store  (Ginza)



1. biography - 伝記
2. consortium - 協同組合
3. particular - に限って
4. specs - 設計明細書
5. genius - 天才
6. navigate - 方法を作る
7. gadget - ガジェット


Recently, I have been reading the biography of the late Steve Jobs. One of the things that I like about him is his interest in art. I have never been a big fan of Apple, but today I decided to go and visit the Apple store in Ginza and see for myself the art of Steve Jobs.
I have to say that it was really cool. I think it shouldn't be called a store, but an Apple consortium of computers and art. I wondered if the man himself had been here to this particular store.
The first floor was a display of all the different types of Apple computers. I had never really seen or paid attention to their products before except for the iphone, ipad, and ipod. When I examined the computers, I was very impressed. Everything about an Apple computer is different. The shape of the mouse, the style of the keyboard, even the texture of the keys is unique. Every computer was on display as if it was a work of art. There were no stickers on the hardware with the specs written on them, no price tags, and every computer was powered up, screen on, ready to be used as if it were sitting on my own desk at home. The room was easy to navigate and was elegantly designed with wood, steel, glass, and stone.
I proceeded to the elevator, which was made of glass, and I went up to the second floor. I thought it was cool that the elevator was like an iphone, in that it only had one button! The second floor was filled with a whole universe of accessories for Apple products.  On the third floor was a presentation room. It was set up like a movie theater filled with soft, red velvet chairs. I sat down in one of those comfy chairs and watched as a woman gave a presentation on various Apple apps. Finally, I went up to the fourth floor. There were several customers gathered around some tables recieving training on how to use their various Apple gadgets and computers. One section was labeled "Genius Bar", and it is where Apple experts were helping customers who were having trouble with their computers.
The Apple store is one-of-a-kind, and I definitely recommend it to anyone, even if you don't own an Apple product, like me!


1. Why did I go to the Apple store?
2. What is special about the elevator?
3. Was there a movie theater in the building?
4. What is the Genius Bar?
5. Why did I like the Apple store?

Bonus question

What does the "i" in iphone stand for?

How about you? 

Have you been to the Apple store? Do you own any Apple products? What do you think of Apple?

Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoyed it and could learn something from it to help improve your English.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment on my blog.  Keep studying, and I’ll see you later alligator!

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