Halloween Lecture on 10/20!

Enjoy a Miami Halloween English Lecture  !
Let's learn about Halloween in English ! 
I will hold a special lecture party on 10/20 to talk about Halloween in American Culture in English. We will have many fun activities, so please come and bring your friends! 

The last time I held a Halloween lecture, it was so much fun.  I was surprised that everyone wore Halloween costumes that were very interesting.  Some of my students I could not recognize. In America, I think Halloween is a very exciting time for children and adults too. Now, when I think about it, many memories of trick-or-treating as a child come to mind. I remember dressing up as Batman, Superman, a ghost, and a zombie. There is no rule however, at what age a child is too old to go trick-or-treating, so I think it is confusing to know when not to go.  Maybe around 13,14, or 15. I think it depends on your height.  Since the child is wearing a costume, the adult cannot tell how old the child is when they arrive at your house and ask for candy.  However, it looks a little suspicious to see someone tall wearing a costume and trick-or-treating because they don't seem like a child anymore. 

I am looking forward to sharing more stories like this in English at my lecture, so I hope to see you there!

When: 10/20 

Where: Yumeoooka Office Tower, 11th floor 会議室2

Come and have fun learning about Halloween in English! ハロウィーンを英語で学びましょう。

*Speeches in English 英語スピーチ
*Conversation Time! 会話タイム
*Halloween Bingo!  ハロウィーンビンゴ
*Games!    ゲーム

You can come even if you are not a regular student at the best English school in Kamioooka, MIAMI EIKAIWA! Any level is ok! 上大岡で一番のマイアミ英会話スクールの生徒さんでなくてもご参加いただけます。オールレベル。

Tickets go on sale 10/6 10月6日チケット販売
Only 14 seats available  14 枚販売予定



日時: 10/20    18:30-20:00
場所: ゆめ大岡オフィスタワー, 11階 会議室2





14 枚販売予定