Souvenir from Italy

Many of my students like to travel. I am very happy that they bring me souvenirs. Today, one of my students returned from a trip to Italy and brought me this yummy souvenir. I love Italian food! Grazie mille!


Happy Easter!

Today is a Christian holiday called Easter. It is for the day that Jesus came back to life.  Many Christians around the world celebrate Easter. When I was a child, I enjoyed coloring eggs with my brother after my mother boiled them. After I woke up in the morning, I would find a beautiful Easter basket that the Easter bunny brought.  It was had colorful eggs with candy and chocolate.  My family went to church in the morning.  After church, my parents hid the eggs in our back yard, then my brother and I would try to find them.  It was fun.  Sometimes, we would forget one egg, and find it suddenly several months later.  It was funny.


Karaoke Party!

Last night I went out with some of my students for karaoke! It was a blast! We had so much fun! I was impressed. Everyone sang only English songs! They were awesome! We ate pizza, drank beer and sang many songs together.  I am looking forward to the next party!