Vending machines

When I first came to Japan, I noticed right that away the vending machines are different. I thought that it was interesting that on the front of Japanese vending machines, you can see samples of the products inside. Moreover, compared to American vending machines, Japanese vending machines have both hot and cold beverages with a larger selection. The first time I drank can coffee was from a Japanese vending machine. American vending machines have coffee as well, but it usually comes in a paper cup. These days, you can wave your PASMO (a type of train pass with a chip inside) over a sensor on the front of the machine to pay for your drinks, which makes it very convenient. But then I run out of money on my PASMO for the train!

I think Japanese vending machines are the best! How about you? What is the most interesting vending machine you have ever seen?




Nagasawa Class




Yesterday, when I went to my student's house, I saw for the first time a real ninja! He was holding a ninja star and then ran away very quickly. I am lucky that I wasn't killed!

I didn't know however, that ninjas were so small and cute!




Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I received many chocolates from my students. Thank-you, everyone! I LOVE chocolate! In Japan, on Valentine's Day, men can receive a lot of chocolate. In America, the customs on Valentine's Day are a little different. When I was a child, everyone made Valentine cards and exchanged them with along with candies with the other kids. Those candies were in the shape of a heart and had a Valentine message written on them. As for the adults, Valentine's Day has a more romantic feeling like Christmas in Japan. Stores everywhere are selling roses and there are sales on perfume, jewelry, and other romantic gifts. Furthermore, on that day people who want to go to a restaurant but don't have a reservation probably won't be able to get in. It's just like Christmas Eve in Japan, isn't it?






I made a mistake. 間違えた。

I failed. 失敗した。ミス。

I made an error in my calculations. 計算が間違えた。





The time of the class on the 22nd has changed. The class will start at 3:15. See you then!



This month's Nagasawa Kiddie Class will be held on the 22nd at 1:30.  I'm really looking forward to it! Let's have fun together!


I got sick

Recently, it seems like everyone is getting sick. Because of my job, I meet many types of people. Sometimes some of them are sick. Children are the worst.  I love kids, but they always wear their mask under their chin and then cough and sneeze in my face without covering their mouth. Sometimes kids want to give me a high five after picking their nose! On the  train, there are adults who sneeze and cough without having a mask. Since I ride the train everyday I often wear a mask to keep from catching a cold, but I too got sick.  Last week I got the flu. Before I even got over it I caught a cold! I didn't want to pass it on to my students, so I had to cancel many lessons.

I got sick  病気になりました
pick your nose 鼻をほじる
high five 手でタッチ!