今日の長沢クラスは楽しかった!皆は元 気で一緒に英語を楽しく習いました。今日食べ るの言葉についてのクラスです。

おなかがすいた- I'm hungry

美味しい- yummy

おなかがいっぱい- I'm full



皆のお母さんはいつも準備と片付けてく れてありがとうございました。

Today's Nagasawa class was fun! Everyone had a lot of energy, and we had fun learning English together. Today, we learned words about eating.

Thank-you to all the mothers who help me with preparation before the class and cleaning up after.


Christmas Favorite - Rudolph


When I was a child, I watched this animation every year around christmas time. Even though it is a little old, I always looked forward to it. Even now, I sometimes think I want to see it again.


Student Blog - Ms. S

私の生徒のSさんは英語の練習のた め、 このブログを書きました。Good job!

My trip to Hawaii

Last Saturday I went to Hawaii with my friend. On that day, it was raining so hard! It was terrible! I walked from my house to the train station, and I got soaked!  My luggage was ok, though. Luckily, my clothes dried while I was riding on the train. It took 50 minutes by train to the airport.

  It was my first time to go to Haneda airport. The new international terminal is very nice. There are many nice shops. I met my friend at the airport.

  On the plane, I watched 2 movies and slept.  It took about 7 hours to get to Hawaii. When I first arrived, the first thing I noticed was that there are so many Japanese in Hawaii!  The travel agency took my bags straight to my hotel, and I took a bus with my friend to the Duty-free shop in Waikiki.

  I did a lot of shopping and sightseeing.  I went to the Dole Pineapple Factory, the North Shore, Diamond Head, and I saw the King  Kamehameha statue. I wanted to go to the castle, but it was closed. I most enjoyed the pineapple factory. I saw so many pineapples, red ones, green ones, and yellow ones.

  I enjoyed the beach so much! I went para-sailing, and it was really great! When I went up into the sky, I had a really nice view of the ocean and Diamond Head. I also went jet-skiing. It was very thrilling, but my friend was a bad driver. I`m a good driver!   Later, I climbed Diamond Head with my friend. It took 30 minutes!!!  I was so tired!  I hate climbing!  Even though I hate climbing, I did it because I wanted to see the sunrise.

I enjoyed Hawaii very much, but I don`t like hawaiian food because like most American food, the taste is too strong. 


Student Blog - Mr. T

私の生徒のTさんは英語の練習のた め、このブログを書きました。Good job!

My Trip to Guam

I went to Guam last week with my wife, my kids, and my parents. We stayed in Guam for four days.  This was my first time visiting Guam. My parents are getting old, so I wanted to take them on a vacation to spend time with them. On the plane, my son started to cry. He is only 2 years old. So, I let him watch Anpan Man videos on my I-phone, and he stopped crying. When I arrived in Guam, I noticed how hot it was. I also noticed that the clouds in the sky seemed to move more quickly than in Japan. I wondered if it was because the wind is much stronger in Guam.

  We stayed at the Guam Plaza Hotel. It was nice and clean, and the location was very convenient because it was near the beach and the shopping area. I noticed there were many other Japanese in Guam.

While we were in Guam, we visited the beach, but my kids didn`t like it there. Maybe if they were older, they would enjoy it more. We also visited many sightseeing spots.  My favorite was Two Lovers Point. It is on the top of a cliff overlooking the city. The view was great!

I had one problem while I was in Guam.  I planned to go on a dolphin-watching cruise with my family. We were really looking forward to it. However, when we got to the pier, we were told that the boat`s engine was broken so we couldn`t go.  We were so disappointed, but there was nothing we could do.

  We enjoyed spending time together in Guam. We want to go there again when my kids are older.


Black Friday


赤字- the red

黒字- the black

踏み殺す- trample to death

大勢の人- hordes of people

アメリカでは、Thanksgiving はクリ スマス前の最後の祝日なので、 Thanksgivingの次の日からクリスマス シーズンが始まります。In America, since Thanksgiving is the last holiday before Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving begins the Christmas season.その週の金曜日に、皆クリスマ スのために買い物にいきます。On that Friday, everyone goes out shopping for Christmas.どこのお店も真夜中から ビッグセールをするので、皆はお店が 開く数時間前からお店の前に並んでい ます。Stores everywhere have a big sale, so everyone lines up in front of the stores hours before they open. 一年のうち今日はアメリカで一 番忙しいショッピングデー。In America, today is the biggest shopping day of the year. やっとお 店のドアが開くと、大勢の人々が走っ て入って行くので、毎年誰かが落ちて けがをしたり、ほかの人に踏まれて亡 くなったりすることがあります。Finally, when the doors open, hordes of people rush into the store, and every year someone is injured or trampled to death by the other people.

だか ら今日は「暗い金曜日」という意味 で、私はBlack Fridayと呼んでいます。 That's why to me, since it has this dark meaning, I call it Black Friday.  でも実はお店にとって今日は赤字から 「黒字になる日」なのでBlack Friday と 言われています。But actually, the stores call today Black Friday because it is when they get out of the red and into the black.


Happy Thanksgiving!

今日の祭日でアメリカ人は何をしますか?Thanksgiving はいつも木曜日なのでだいたい皆は金曜日も休みます。それで4連休になってから、皆は実家に戻って家族と祭日を過ごします。私はアメリカに住んでいた時に家の母はいつも沢山料理を作っておきました。Thanksgivingのあと、2週間で毎日Turkeyを食べました!

What do Americans do on today's holiday? Since Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, almost everyone has the day off on Friday as well. So, since it turns into a 4 day weekend, everyone goes home to spend the holidays with their family. When I lived in America, my mom would make so much food. After Thanksgiving, we ate turkey everyday for the next two weeks!


3連休- 3 day weekend

4連休- 4 day weekend

English Ear Game - Winner

Congratulations to Ruka! Ruka cleared the THIRD level in the English Ear game! Good job Ruka! Good luck on level 4! るか ちゃんおめでとう!るかはAndroidの アッ プリの英語のゲームのレベル3をク リーアしまし た!よくできた!レベル4 も頑張って下さい!

Click here for English Ear Game



Wander - うろうろ


We wandered aimlessly around the shopping district.


Wander about aimlessly.




I got soaked!

soaked - びしょ濡れになった


This afternoon, in contrast to the weather forecast, it rained unexpectedly! At that time, I was at my student's house and when it was time for me to go home, she gave me an umbrella. Thanks to her, I was lucky I didn't get soaked! But, the other Saturday's rain was much

worse. The wind was so strong as if a typhoon had come!

I had an appointment in Yokohama, and I got soaked!





M - Mountain, O - Ocean, S - Sun

Do you like MOS Burger? To me, their hamburgers are small and the taste is nothing special, so I think like McDonald's better.

Do you know what MOS stands for?

M - mountain, O - ocean, S - sun

stand for - 表す


1. U.S.A. stands for United States of America.

2. C.I.A. stands for Central Intelligence Agency

3. What does MOS stand for?

4. What does FBI stand for?

MOS burger Hp click here.


Almost Turkey Day!

Soon, it will be the American holiday, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is always on the last Thursday of November every year. On that day, everyone celebrates by eating turkey. Did you know that there are two kinds of meat? There is white and dark meat. If you have ever been to Subway, then you have probably seen white meat in their sandwiches. Compared with dark meat, white meat doesn't have as much fat, so it is healthier. However, since their is more oil and fat in dark meat, it's tastier!

Since everyody eats turkey on Thanksgiving, it is also called Turkey Day!

もうすぐアメリカの祭日のThanksgivingです。Thanksgiving はいつも毎年の11月の最後の木曜日です。その日皆はお祝いでTurkeyを食べます。Turkeyの肉は2種類があるのが知っていますか?白と黒もあります。Subway のお店で食べたことがあったら、turkey sandwich に白肉をみたこともあるかもしれません。黒肉に比べて、白肉は油あまりないから白肉のほうがヘルシー。でま、油が入ってるのでやっぱり黒肉のほうが美味しい!皆turkeyを食べているので、Thanksgiving はTurkey Dayも言われています。


Word of the day

Bittersweet - 悲喜こもごも;悲喜交交;悲喜交々, having both happy feelings and sad feelings about something


I was happy to see her smile, but at the same time sad because it was to be our last moment together. It was a bittersweet moment.

English Ear Game - Winner

Congratulations to Keigo ! Keigo cleared the first level in the English Ear game! Good job Keigo  ! Good luck on level 2!

けいごおめでとう!けいごは Androidのアッ プリ の英語のゲームの レ ベル1をクリーアしまし た!よ くでき た!レベル2も頑張って下さい!

http://englisheargame.blogspot.com/p/ blog-page.html?m=1


Word of the Day

手数料 - handling charge, commission



Is there a handling charge?


We charge a commission of 3%.

English Ear Game - Winner

Congratulations to Masaya! Masaya  cleared the first level in the English Ear game! Good job Masaya ! Good luck on level 2! まさやおめでとう!まさやはAndroidのアッ プリ の英語のゲームの レベル1をクリーアしまし た!よ くでき た!レベル2も頑張って下さい!



Save the trees!

Save the tree は1つの木を守ると意味です。地球の木は数えきれないのでtrees のほうがいいです。


Save the whales.くじら

Save the dolphins.いるか

Save the earth.地球


Word of the Day - 見込み

見込み…hope, chance


He is beyond hope.


There is little hope of his recovery.


Student Blog

私の生徒のよしこさんは英語の練習のため、このブログを書きました。Good job!

Last week I went to the Yokohama Athletic Field with my 2 kids. It is 1.2 kilometers from Tsukushino station on the Denentoshi line. The Athletic Field has a fun obstacle course for children and adults.

The obstacle course has 50 obstacles, and is divided into 4 stages.  The first stage is an easy course for warming up. You have to walk across stumps, a rope bridge, and a rope net. There are about 12 or 13 obstacles in the first stage.   The second stage is more difficult than the first stage. It is a water course. You have to ride in a big bucket and row for about 10 meters. After that, you walk across a suspension bridge over the water. If you make a mistake, you will fall into the water! There are about 8 to 10 obstacles in the second stage.   Next is the third stage. The third stage is the same as the first stage, but it is harder and more difficult. It has higher and more unstable obstacles.  Lastly, there is the fourth stage.  There is a big hole called "Ant Hell".  It is called "Ant Hell" because it is easy to get in, but difficult to climb out.  You climb down into the hole with a rope, but you have to escape by running up the slippery walls.

  I think everyone can enjoy this place and have fun!



English Ear game - Winner

Congratulations to Ruka! Ruka cleared the second level in the English Ear game! Good job Ruka! Good luck on level 3! るかちゃんおめでとう!るかはAndroidの アッ プリの英語のゲームのレベル2をク リーアしまし た!よくできた!レベル3 も頑張って下さい!

English Ear game - Winner

Congratulations to Sayaka! Sayaka cleared the THIRD level in the English Ear game! Good job Sayaka! Good luck on level 4! さやかちゃんおめでとう!さやか はAndroidのアッ プリ の英語のゲームの レベル3をクリーアしまし た!よ くでき た!レベル4も頑張って下さい!

On time, in time


質問があるんだけど、on time とin time はどう違うの? I will be on time とI will be in time は、「時間ちょうどにいるよ」と、 「時間以内にいるよ」、でいいのか な?

Yes! Ms. Y is mostly correct in her own answer!

▲On time

Means you are personally involved, for a meeting, class, or if you want to stress the point of something not being late.


◇The bus was on time.(it was not late)

◇I was on time for the movie(i was not late)

◇She is always on time for our dates! (She is never late)

▲In time

Means that because you are not late, you can have a chance.


◇I made it in time for the movie. (So i could have the chance to watch it)

◇i prepared the presentation in time for the meeting (so i could use it)

◇The police arrived in time to catch the thief. (They could have a chance to catch him)

★sometimes you can add "just".

ギリギ リの感じてす。Or it could mean "at exactly the right moment, not late"

-I made it just in time to catch the train!

-i arrived just in time to catch my girlfriend kissing another man!ι(`ロ´)ノ

In many instances, it may be ok to use "in time" or "on time", but the nuance is a little different.


Food flashcards


Food Flashcards, Dessert Flashcards, Drink flashcards and matching printables


I'm hungry!お腹が空いた。

I'm starving!めち腹減った。

Your stomach is growling!あなたのお腹からおとがします!


変な英語 - Running

① X -How to running. O -How to run

②X -Find your strong O -Find your strength

③X -Make performance O-

Perform well.





It is difficult to translate "発表会". In English, depending on the situation, there are various words you can use. Today, I began preparing my kindergarten class for this year's happyoukai. At the happyoukai, the children will be singing and playing instruments, so I think it can be called a "concert".


Check out my new shoes!


Recently, since I have been doing a lot of running, I decided to buy some proper running shoes. Because I often go jogging at night, I thought this bright color would be good. What do you think? Today is the first time I ran in these shoes. My feet hurt a little, but I wonder if it's because they are new and I haven't broken them in yet.


Smells like....


雨の日に電車のなかは猫の臭いがする。On rainy days the inside of the train smells like cats.




We have many good products that you can buy as a gift for someone.


Come find your perfect gift here at Yodobashi!


今週の記事 - Apple's new butt phone

Technolog - Awkward: Apple's Siri translates as 'buttocks' in Japan

飛行機ましょう !

その言葉は自分で作りましたが英語の通訳はLet's jet!



1. I'm in a hurry, so let's jet!

2. The police are coming, so we better jet!


休日 Today is a holiday.

今日は休日です。休日は英語でHolidayです。でも、holidayは政府に決められたの日だけです。自分で仕事から休む時はHolidayじゃなくて、day offと言われています。HolidayはChristmas, Easter, Thanksgiving です。


1. My favorite holiday is Halloween!

2. Tomorrow I will take a day off and go to the zoo!



I'm thinking of dying my hair. I can't decide what color.