Notes - Influenza

今週私の生徒さんが沢山レッスンがインフルエンザのせいでキャンセルしました。インフルエンザの言葉が短くしてから、fluになります。最近日本もアメリカでもインフルエンザが流行っています。流行るは英語でspreading out, ですがoutbreakのほうが言うことです。Recently there is a flu outbreak. →最近インフルエンザが流行っています。

I have the flu.
Be careful. Don't catch the flu.
Stay away from me! I don't want to catch the flu!
I hope you feel better.



In the news....


Boulder Rams Into Utah Woman’s Bedroom, Breaks Her Jaw and Sternum

Boulder 大石
Pummel ぶったたく
Ram ぶちかます
Pin 押える
Rumble ごろごろ
Sternum 胸骨
Ridge りょう

1. When did it happen?
2. Where was the woman at the time?
3. Where was her husband?
4. Is the woman in the hospital now?
5. How did the woman avoid being killed by the boulder?

1. Boulder is the name of a city in which U.S. state?

How about you?
1. What would you do if you heard a large, rumbling noise in the middle of the night?

2. Have you ever lived in a dangerous place?


2013 Happy-yo-kai

Yesterday the preschool that I teach English at had a concert. Throughout the year, I taught various songs to the children, and they sang some of those songs at the concert. The last song was a special song.

For the first two songs, the children did really well. However, they were little shy. At school, they are always talking and singing so loudly, but since their parents were there, they got nervous.
The last song they sang was called 10 Little Monkeys. For the song, the children became monkeys, one of the teachers was the mama, and I was the doctor. We acted out the song while the children sang. In the song, the monkey's mother tells the children to go to sleep, and says goodnight, but as soon as she leaves the room, the monkeys start playing and jumping on the bed. One monkey falls off and bumps his head. The mama called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" But when the mama leaves the room, the same thing happens until there are no monkeys left on the bed. It is a funny song!
You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1MxtTPm-Ek&feature=youtube_gdata_player

最後の曲は10 Little Monkeysといいました。十匹の小さいさるです。この曲で子供はさるになりました。私はお医者さんになりました。おさるの寝る時になったら、ママに「おやすみなさい」といってベッドに入って、でもママが部屋を出るか出ないかのうちに、さるたちがベッドの上で遊んだりジャンプをしたりします。それで、一匹がベッドから落ちて、頭をぶつけます。ママはお医者さん、私、に電話してお医者さんが「No more monkeys jumping on the bed! ベッドの上にジャンプをしては行けません!」としかります。 でも、ママが部屋を出って、また同じことを繰り返します。最後にはベッドの上に誰もいなくなります。とても面白かった!