Black Friday!

Cops: Mass. bargain-hunter took home TV, left 2-year-old boy behind - U.S. News
1. When is the biggest shopping day in Japan?
2. Do you think you would enjoy Black Friday?


Happy Thanksgiving!

harvest 収穫
holiday 休日
Pilgrim 参拝者、ピルグリム
take off from work 仕事を休みます。
prayer お祈り

Today in the U.S. is a holiday called Thanksgiving. It first started when the first people came to America from England. They were called Pilgrims and lived in a town called Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Pilgrims were happy because of the good harvest, and they had a special celebration to say thanks to God. This celebration became the Thanksgiving holiday.
When I was a child, I remember my mother making food for Thanksgiving Day. Even though Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday in November, many people start cooking on Monday. People like to eat turkey, yams, sweet potato, baked potato, cranberries, stuffing, and pies! My mother would always make three or four different kinds of pies for Thanksgiving! Everything she made was delicious! Because Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, people usually take off from work on Friday so they can have a four-day weekend. People gather with their family and friends and have dinner together. Before eating, someone says a prayer to thank God for all the good things in their life.

1. Where did Thanksgiving start?
2. When is Thanksgiving?
3. What do people do on Thanksgiving?
What is the difference between turkey and chicken?
What is the prayer called that people say before eating?


Happy Halloween!

This year, I had a great Halloween! Starting from one week before Halloween, I had a little party during the lesson for each of my students. Many of them wore costumes, and were really scary! I played scary music while we played games and then I gave out candy to everyone who said "trick-or-treat". It was so much fun, and now I can't wait for Christmas!

scary - 怖い!
I can't wait - 楽しみにしています