In the News..The oldest human being...ever!

この記事を読みながら、下に書いてあるの質問 を答えて見ましょう。

リンクArticle link:
Bolivian Man possibly the oldest man in the world!

単語 Vocabulary
- Longevity 長生き
- attribute 帰する
- verify 確認
- validity 合法性
- landlocked 内陸国

理解 Check!
1.How old is the man?
2.Where does he live?
3. Before him, who was considered the oldest human being in the world?
4.What is his reason for living so long?
5.Is he in good health?
6. What does he do everyday?

Who is the oldest person in your country?

How about you? あなたは?
How old do you think you will live? Why?