It's summertime...

and it's hot! They say that it is going to be a long, hot summer this year. Sometimes I use the AC at night when I am sleeping, but I try not to use it too much. I think it is better to get used to the heat. In my country, many stores have the ac set so low, and it's too cold! I remember that whenever I went to the movie theater, I had to bring a jacket.
However, in Japan I think that sometimes the AC is too weak. On the train, for example, the car with weak air-conditioning gets hot when it starts to get crowded.
My plan for staying cool his summer is just to wear light clothes and walk really slowly.
How will you stay cool this summer?

the AC 冷房
get used to 慣れる
set so low  温度の設定が低い
the car with weak air-conditioning 弱冷房車

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