Flowers in English

One thing I love about living in Japan is that there are many flowers here and there.  It is easy to see many different kinds of flowers throughout the year just walking around the neighborhood. In my hometown in Florida, it is different. People like flowers in potted plants, and yards full of neatly trimmed grass. In Japan, I see many flowers growing more wildly here and there and many more types. Since the area around Japanese houses is much smaller, people tend to have flowers, plants and trees rather than grass. Despite the fact that there are so many buildings crowded together, there is still so much green around!  Here are some pictures of flowers that I have taken here and there. It is kind of a hobby for me!

How about you? What kind of flowers do you like? Do you have flowers around your house?

here and there あちこち
potted plants 鉢植え
grass 草
neighborhood 近所

rose バラ
dandelion タンポポ
hydrangea あじさいい
wisteria ふじ
plum blossoms 梅の花
sunflower ひまわり
Iris しょうぶ
azalia つつじ 
rape blossom 菜のはな
morning glory 朝顔


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