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By Ryoko Yamaga

I left the office a little later than usual. I rode the train and got off at my station. At night, the station on the outskirts was very quiet. The moon was shining brightly. While looking at the beautiful night view of the moon behind the pine trees, I enjoyed walking home slowly. I was waiting at an intersection near my house for the crosswalk light to turn green when an aged woman began to cross holding hands with a little girl. Even though it was such a dark night, they could be clearly seen in the moonlight. As I stopped there and looked at them idly, I noticed they had no legs!  I was very shocked. Then suddenly, they disappeared into the dark. I returned home in a hurry. I couldn't talk about that experience to my family.  It was too scary for me. That day was the BON festival, the festival of the dead. It is said that the dead return home to their families.  In my house, my dead father's first Bon festival was held about one month after that scary experience.  After that, I happened to hear the story about that grandma and grandaughter I saw at the traffic light.  They had a traffic accident on that road and died several days before that night when I saw them. They were returning home for the Bon Festival.  Now, I pray for their souls whenever I cross that road.  

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1.  What did she see at the crosswalk?
2.  Why was she shocked?
3.  When did it occur?
4.  Who did she tell about it?
5. What was behind the pine trees?

Vocabulary & Phrases
1. Crosswalk
2. Intersection
3. Pine trees
4.  Disappeared
5.  Hold hands

Japanese Translation

Quiz Answers
1. An aged woman holding hands with a little girl.
2. Because they had no legs.
3.  Around Obon
4.  Nobody
5.  The moon

Teacher comments: Nice ghost story!  Perfect for Halloween!  Good job!

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