Don't be a Grinch!



今度誰かクリスマスを嫌いみたい、例えば「クリスマスパーティーが好きじなくて、行きたくない」と言う人を互いに、「Don't be a grinch!」と言うべきです。

Before, I wrote about Scrooge on this blog. When someone is stingy, they are called a scrooge. And when someone hates Christmas, they are called a "Grinch". The Grinch is a character in a cartoon that hates Christmas so much, that he steals everyone's presents and Christmas trees in order to stop it.

So, the next time you see someone who seems to hate Christmas, for example, if someone says "I don't like Christmas, so I don't want to go to any Christmas parties", you should say to that person "Don't be a Grinch! "

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