I lost my wallet!

The other day, when it was snowing, I was careless and lost my wallet. I had an English lesson at one of my student`s house, and after that I walked to the train station. When I arrived at the station, I noticed that my wallet was gone!  I started to panic.  Recently, I had been very busy, so I didn`t have a chance to go the bank. I had about $800 dollars in my wallet.  I ran back to my student`s house thinking that I must have dropped it somewhere along the way, or that it fell out during the lesson, but it wasn`t on the road, and it wasn`t at my student`s house either!  So, I ran back to where I was before that, at Fujiya restuarant, but I still couldn`t find it.  Then I thought about going to the police, so I went to the local police box in front of the station. I have heard many stories of people losing stuff and then finding at the police box, but I was doubtful. When I entered, there were five police officers standing around.  I was nervous and upset, and it was hard for me to think clearly enough to speak Japanese. But, I managed to say something and then one of them said something back to me, but the only word I managed to hear was "nakushita", which means "to lose something". But it can also mean "die" in the sense of losing someone. So, I was a little confused and worried that they might be asking me if someone died. Luckily, I managed to communicate with them, and to my suprise, someone had turned in my wallet!  I was so relieved!  I couldn`t believe that all my money, credit cards, everything was still there! I wanted to contact the person that turned it in, but the police said that he didn`t want to be contacted.  What a nice person!  I was so lucky that day.

財布を無くした- I lost my wallet

信じられない!- I can't believe it!

交番- Police box

通信出来ました- I could communicate.

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  1. It's me!
    I found your wallet.

    Just kidding!

    But,you may love Japan more.