In the news... Horsemeat scandal

Recently, there is news about a big scandal about horsemeat.   Two european meat processing companies mixed horsemeat with beef and sold it without telling anyone. Horsemeat was later found in hamburgers in the UK and Ireland.  The sale of horsemeat is banned in many places in the U.S., and many western cultures consider eating it to be taboo. Now, horsemeat has been found in hamburger in 14 different countries. It has even been found in the yummy Swedish meatballs at Ikea!

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単語 Vocabulary
scandal スキャンダル、事件
taboo 禁物
ban 禁令
consume 食べる
slaughter とさつ

理解 Check!
1. In what 3 states is the sale of horsemeat banned in America?
2. Which is more healthy, horsemeat or beef?
3. What country is one of the biggest consumers of horsemeat?
4. When was the scandal discovered?

What is the name of the famous horse in the picture?

How about you? あなたは?

1. Are there any food taboos in your country?
2. Do you like horsemeat?

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