Fireworks in Zushi

The other night I went to watch fireworks in Zushi.  I thought it was unusual because fireworks are usually held at the end of summer. It was also on a weekday.  It was so crowded all the way from the train station to the beach. When I arrived, there were already so many people on the beach, so I decided to watch from the sidewalk on the other side of the street. I saw many spectacular fireworks.  There was also music playing from large speakers along the beach. When I arrived at the station, I bought some rice balls and tea. However, there were so many people along the sidewalk, so I couldn`t enjoy them. The fireworks lasted about 45 minutes, but I arrived about 20 minutes late. During the finale, a large truck suddenly passed very slowly right in front of us! Many people booed at the truck. It was funny.

In my country, people can only see fireworks on Independence Day. I enjoy watching fireworks in Japan many times throughout the summer!

You can watch a video of the last few minutes here --->
VIDEO→ 逗子花火2014: http://youtu.be/sf4SLAEMmTg


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FAST - https://www.dropbox.com/s/944nrw0p1brw7rx/Fireworks%20in%20Zushi%20-%20fast.mp3


1. Why was the fireworks unusual?
2. From where did I watch the fireworks?
3. What did I take with me?
4. How many minutes did I watch the fireworks?
5. Why do I enjoy watching fireworks in Japan?
6. When is fireworks held in the U.S.?
7. Could I watch all of the finale?
8. Why couldn`t I enjoy my riceballs and tea?

Vocabulary & Phrases
spectacular 壮大な
fireworks 花火
crowded 混んでいました
finale 大詰め
the other night この間の夜
weekday 平日
sidewalk 歩道
in the way 邪魔

Japanese Translation


VIDEO → 逗子花火2014: http://youtu.be/sf4SLAEMmTg

Quiz Answers
1. Because fireworks are usually held at the end of summer.
2. The sidewalk
3. Rice balls and tea
4. About 25 minutes
5. Because I can see them many times throughout the summer
6. Independence Day
7. No because a big truck got in the way.
8. Because there were many people on the sidewalk.

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