Let's talk about Japanese Culture in English!


Imagine that you happen to meet a man from Florida at the bowling alley. After you get past the basic greetings and conversation such as "What is your name?" and "Where are you from?", what are you going to talk about? I am sure you will want to know all about what life is like in Florida, but chances are that he will want to learn about Japan.....from YOU!
When I first came to Japan, that is exactly what happened to me.  I met a nice Japanese family at the bowling alley and we became friends. They invited me to their home and took me to Kamakura and later to Yokohama. Once they gave me something to eat. I asked what it was, but the father said that he would tell me after I ate it. So, I ate it and said that it was delicious. Then, he told me that it was horse meat! I was a little shocked because in America we think as horses as pets, and only dogs eat horse meat. After that, I enjoyed eating it many times!
I remember listening to them speak Japanese, and I thought, "Japanese people speak so fast! I can't understand anything!"  I was just a beginner at speaking Japanese at that time, so I was very embarrassed by my poor Japanese and I only wanted to speak English.  I was lucky that the family could speak English and thanks to them I could learn many things about Japanese culture. I think they probably enjoyed the chance to practice their English as well.  
I encourage you to do the same! Don't be shy, and help foreigners like me learn about the beauty of Japanese culture!

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