The Christmas Spirit


When I was a child, I really loved the Christmas season because of the feeling of happiness that everyone around me seemed to have.  Everywhere I went, there was Christmas music playing, people were giving each other Christmas greetings, helping each other and sharing.  There was a feeling of love, peace, and happiness.  It seemed like the world was a perfect place without any war, hunger, or hate.  When Christmas finally came, it was the culmination of a perfect season.  Even though it was freezing cold outside, I remember sitting in my warm pajamas in front of the Christmas tree surrounded by my family and so many presents.  There was so much food and sweets.  My grandparents had a large fireplace in their home, and it felt so warm and cozy sitting in front of the fireplace. I never thought about how these things came to be, or how lucky I was to have a Christmas such as this.
Now, I realize how hard my parents worked to make such a nice time for me and my brother, especially my mother.  As my father was in the Navy, we had to live in Virginia close to the Navy base.  My mother was from Hawaii.  I imagine that she must have been so lonely being so far away from home without any friends or the internet.  But she worked so hard to take care of my brother and I when my father was out on the ocean and it is because of her I learned the meaning of the Christmas spirit; giving, heping, and taking care of other people.

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