#706 The Heavy Box

706# :The Heavy Box

Let’s get started!

The other day I saw an old, old, old, old lady pulling herself up the stairs at the station using the handrail. The look on her face reminded me of the way I look after running 10k. I offered to help her, but she adamantly refused. I realized that she could have taken the elevator, but it was her choice to take the stairs. This was her way of staying strong, I suppose. 
When I was moving into my new classroom, a similar situation occurred. I had many deliveries, the heaviest of which were the table and shelves. The man who delivered them walked with a limp. He moved slowly, but he carried the heavy boxes in all by himself.  I offered to help carry them, but he also refused. 
I wonder if people like this had such a strong will when they were young and strong. In any case, they give me inspiration and taught me not to complain when things are hard.

Today’s Pronunciation Practice:

John: What are you working on?
Jack: Can’t talk. In the zone.
John: Do you know what he’s doing?
Mai: I don’t know…could be anything.
John: Uh, you want to take a break? Your food’s ready. Time to eat! Did you eat yet?
Mai: No, No, what are  you doing? He’s both happy and quiet. It’s like seeing a unicorn and Bigfoot at the same time.


******Thank-you, Yaeko san for your translation!*******
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