#705 Flamingos

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Flamingos are very interesting.  In my home state of Florida, there are many of them. Do you know why they are pink?  The color in their feathers comes from the food they eat! I  wonder what they would look like if they ate bananas, or broccoli? They can often be seen wading in the water.  To wade means to walk in shallow water. Another interesting fact about flamingos is that they are said to be monogamous.  That means that they are like people, and stay with the same partner. 
Recently, I read in the news that over 100,000 flamingos flocked to a lake in Mumbai.  Because of the coronavirus lockdown, there are not so many people outside, and the birds feel safe.  One of them got lost while flying from Miami and migrated to Japan!  Did you know that? She stays in Gumyoji now. Her name is Mai-chan! When you come to Miami, please take a photo with her. She likes people.

Today, I want to practice a little pronunciation. I will read a phrase and then give three examples. It is ok if you don’t understand the meaning because this is listening practice. Try to see if you can catch the phrase.

 1. Do you know what?
 - Do you know what you are going to do tomorrow?
- Do you know what is going to happen after that?
- Do you know what we are going to have for dinner?

 2. I want to do something
- I wanna study English more and more. 
- I want to go to Miami.
- I want to go out because I have cabin fever. 

 3. You want to
- What do you want to do tonight?
- Tell me where you want to go.
- If you want to speak English, you should go to Miami!


フラミンゴには大変興味深いはなしがあります。私の出身地、フロリダ州にはたくさんのフラミンゴがいます。皆さんはフラミンゴが何故ピンク色なのかご存知ですか?なんと、あの羽の色は彼らの食する物に由来しているのです! 彼らがバナナやブロッコリーを食べたらどんな色になるんだろうと思ったりします。水の中を歩いているのもよく見かけます。to wade とは浅瀬を歩く事です。また他にも興味深い事があります。フラミンゴはmonogamous モノガマスだと言われています。monogamousとは人のように、同じパートナーと連れ添う一夫一妻の事です。
最近10万羽以上ものフラミンゴがムンバイの湖に群れをなしているというニュースを読みました。コロナウィルスで都市封鎖され、屋外の人々の数が激減したことが鳥たちに安心感をもたらしているようです。そのうちの1羽がマイアミからの飛行中、迷子になり 日本に移住したんですって!ご存知でしたか?彼女は今弘明寺にいます。彼女の名前はマイちゃんです。マイアミにきたら、ぜひ彼女と一緒に写真を撮って下さい。彼女は人が好きです。


******Thank-you, Yaeko san for your translation!*******
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