#707 The Express Train

 #707 :The Express Train

Let’s get started!
 Why didn’t someone tell me that there is an express train from Kamioooka to Gumyoji??  So many times I have jumped on the subway just to end up in Kannai.  When I get off the train, I have that look on my face that so many foreigners in Japan have that says “どこここ???” I feel so foolish as I casually walk around to the other train that heads back to Gumyoji.
Recently, I just take Keikyu from Kamioooka instead. It is only a 10 minute walk, and I enjoy going through the shopping arcade. 

Today’s pronunciation practice:
John: I want to do something special, and I was hoping you guys could be a part of it. Here’s the deal. I’m writing a song, and I was hoping we could all play it together.
Jack: OK. I wanna sing.
John: You can’t sing. I was hoping you would play the guitar.
Mai: Well, I can sing.
Jack: I was hoping you would play the guitar.
Mai: How am I gonna do that? I don’t have any arms.
John: Ok, Ok, Ok, let’s all sing together…..
なぜ今まで誰も上大岡から弘明寺まで急行列車があることを教えてくれなかったのだろう。乗り換えて飛び乗った地下鉄で何度関内まで行ってしまったことか。電車を降りた時の私といったら「どこここ???」といった、よくある日本の外国人の表情だ。 そんな自分があまりにも愚かに思えるのだが、弘明寺に戻る反対車線には何ごともなかったかのように歩く。

******Thank-you, Yaeko san for your translation!*******
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