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Ghost Toy Story
By Araki Miyayama

I will talk about a scary story. When I was 12 years old, I went to see my aunt during summer vacation. One hot day, I played with various toys with my sister in the pool at my aunt's house. We were so tired at the end of the day and we didn't put our toys away before going to bed. The next morning, my aunt scolded us. "Why didn't you put away your toys yesterday? Because of that, I couldn't sleep last night."
      "I'm so sorry. " I replied. But what do you mean you couldn't sleep because of that?"
"Because of the noise. Some other children were playing with your toys in the pool last night."

We didn’t understand what she said. It was creepy, because no other children lived around there.

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1. When did she go visit her aunt?
2. How old was she?
3. Why didn't she put her toys away?
4. Why was she scolded?
5. Why couldn't her aunt sleep?

Vocabulary & Phrases
1. scary - 怖い
2. scold - しかる
3. creepy - 気味が怖い
4. put our toys away - おもちゃをかたずけ

Japanese Translation

一つ怖い話をお話します。 私が12歳の時、夏休みにおばに会いに行きました。 ある暑い日、私はおばの家で姉妹と一緒に色々なおもちゃを使ってプールで遊びました。 私たちは遊び疲れて、おもちゃを片付けないまま就寝しました。 次の朝、おばに突然私たちは怒られました。 「あなたたち、なぜ昨日おもちゃを片付けなかったの?おかげで夜眠れなかったのよ」 「ごめんなさい。でもなんで眠れなかったの?」 「だって、あのおもちゃで別の子供達が夜中に遊んでたからよ」


Quiz Answers
1.During summer vacation
2. 12
3.She was tired
4.Because she didn't put her toys away.
5.Because some other children were playing with the toys during the night.

Teacher comments:
Excellent! Such a creepy story, indeed! I wonder if she always put her toys away after that! Nice story!

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