May 10,2018 Guessing Game


Good morning!  Can you guess what is inside my thermos?

Click here for the answer

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  1. Hope it’s not Kool-Aid . Cuz they say “Don’t drink the kool-aid.”
    But I shouldn’t be all up in your kool aid .. ( not being busybody)
    (I spent half a day checking the slang for KOOL
    AID ..and now .so tired and run out of juice that I need some kool aid now . Haha

    1. When it comes to studying English at Miami, I think you are swimming in the Kool-Aid! ha ha Good job!

    2. OH,YEAH! I enjoy swimming in Miami Kool Aid,
      Sometimes too much carrying on , I drown , doh !
      It’s about time to take a dip in the real water .
      But where is my bathing suit ? I haven’t seen it for ages ....

    3. 訂正します。
      Carry away でした。はしゃぎすぎてです。

  2. Eh?!? Someone actually choose, "Beer"!!!! Do you think I drink beer in class???? ha ha Sounds like a class party.