May 27, 2018 Back on track


I had the day off yesterday.  I also took the last two days off from exercising.  Now, it is so hard to get started again.  I work up early this morning to do a little exercise, and it was like pulling teeth. Now I am on the train dragging my butt to work.  Sometimes I think it is easier to work every day because it is so hard to get back on track after taking a break.

Anyway, have a super day!

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  1. Poor John is on the train to get back on track dragging his cute butt ... haha
    Btw, butt is pair of buttocks?
    How to say if I got mosquito bite on the right b ×××.
    Like pulling teeth / not-only one tooth ? Sounds awful...

  2. Vocaburaly lesson please
    Am I wrong if I say hitting my butt,instead of dragging?
    I feel like that is like japanease expression 尻をたたく

    1. You can't say "hitting my butt". That sounds like sexual harassment, lol. But if something is very difficult, you can say that it is "kicking my butt". Example - 1) This English homework is kicking my butt!

  3. I think , dragging one’s butt is いやいや不承不承引きずってといった感じではないですかね。
    お尻を叩くはspanking かしら
    英語にはどうも身体の一部でその人そのものを表す表現が多いようです。スラングでbutt やass なども. 使う時には要注意ですが、映画には頻繁にでてきますから、なかなかにおもしろいです。

    1. thank you for your thoughtful advice
      i know what dragging ones butt means
      it is said to inspire someone who is not willing to do something or do reluctantly.
      anyway i understand hit ones butt is not correct in this case.thank you again.
      btw,i wonder we can say hitting a racinghorse'butt

    2. I thought that “dragging one’s butt to 〜”
      meant just being sluggish in movement because he/she Doesn’t like to do something .
      Is there another meaning for that ?
      Inspire ???
      How about “ bust one’s butt” ?
      It’s more likely to what you meant, お尻をたたく、(to urge someone on .../ to encourage someone to )
      Btw, I found interesting expression using butt / a××
      “ study one’s butt off / work one’s butt off”

    3. But here is what I think and there will be no buts about it! ha ha.....
      "Bust my butt" means to work hard. Example - 1) Yesterday I busted my butt pulling weeds in my garden.

      I gotta haul butt now and get to class......