April 23, 2018 (休) NO CLASS

No class today!  Home study! Did you do the quiz ?

Here is a little joke for you:

Patient: Doctor, I have a pain in my eye whenever I drink tea. 
Doctor: Take the spoon out of the mug before you drink. 

Ha Ha

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  2. What kind of dumb does that ?
    Hopeless .
    But I would advise the patiant
    “ Drink tea with your eyes closed”.

  3. Next conversation like this.(じゃないですか?)
    P: Why?
    D: Because your eye is reflected on the surface of the tea.

    1. Actually, it happened to me before. I tried to drink tea without taking out the spoon and I poked myself in the eye. Doh! I also drank from a glass once without taking out the straw. Doh! Please don't tell anyone. lol

  4. Resolution
    1. Drink tea with no milk, no sugar .
    (Then you don’t have to use spoon . )
    2. Instead of spoon , stir with your finger.
    It’s just burning yourself .
    You will get used to it eventually .
    Keiko-San , thanks , i’ll Check the reflection of my eye(s)in my cup .

    1. Ha Ha. Nice replies, ladies. I think instead of "Resolution", it would be better to say "Doctor Yaeko's Recommendation". I like number 1. By the way, I don't think vampires can see their reflections, ha ha ha. Have a grape day!

  5. I couldn’t see any refraction of me in the cup, not because I am a vampire , just Because my eyes were closed , because I didn’t want to get hurt in the eye and grunt “ do’h” like you-know-who.
    But To make sure I am not a vampire , I tried to see myself in the mirror ... what I saw was worse
    ...triple HAG !!! What a grape day I had !
    Thank you , John.
    By the way do you know doh boy ?
    There should be doh contest .
    In Japanese doh would be ドジッかな?

    1. Of course I know DOH!,duh! It's what I say when I get to the station and I realize that I have left my PASMO at home....doh! I am impressed that YOU know what it means....you are no dum-dum!