FRIDAY THE 13th......クラスあり

I saw the most disgusting thing last night on my way home from Kamiooka. I stopped at Lawson's to buy some milk, and when I came out, there was a HUGE geji-geji staring me right in the face!  I wanted to run back into the store.  Now, I am paranoid, and I think I see geji-gejis everywhere!  I hope it wasn't an omen of things to come since today is FRIDAY the 13th!!!!!!

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  1. Is this your joke? If not so, I'm wondering your floating objects(geji-gejis) are myodesopsia. I hope you'll be better so soon!

  2. Maybe the geji-geji 🐛wanted to say hi !
    And お疲れ様to you .
    Besides they have a lot of protein which you need now .
    I thought you are just an arachnophobia 🕷.
    Next time not to miss it !!!
    - Early bird , insectivore -

  3. ha ha, you ladies are full of laughs.

  4. By the way how to pronounce the word
    Myodesopsia ? 飛蚊症

    マヨデーズ➕op (眼) ➕sia ( 症状) ????