April 30, 2018 休み NO CLASS

What is big, yellow, noisy, and has 4 wheels?  A big cheese! In my hometown, there isn't any train, so like most American school children, I had to ride the bus to school. It was so noisy, especially after school when the children were excited and had so much energy.  Now that I think of it, it was strange that I never felt tired or sleepy after school, only in class. lol.  Anyway, the bus was so noisy with the school children yelling and screaming that sometimes the bus driver would pull over to stop and yell and us.  We would be quiet again and after about 5 minutes, be back to screaming and yelling.  Poor bus driver.  she must have had such a hard job. I had so much fun on the big cheese.

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  1. The big cheese. She looks really husky and go-to-guy ! IoI
    Poor driver ! 元気いっぱいのPecha-Kucha やかましいちびっこたち。I could get a picture of it .
    I saw A Female school bus driver and kids threatened by a hijacker in a movie , maybe it is “Dirty Hurry”. Thanks for sharing your old time memories .

  2. ha ha...you said Hurry. Gotta run!

    1. Uh-oh, I did again !
      It should be Harry .
      My tongue twister ...
      “ Harry was in a hurry , Harry didn’t hug me
      Because he was in a hurry to buy a hamburger , not because I am a hag woman”