April 6, 2018

Are you feeling sleepy? It helps to watch a funny YouTube video to wake you up again.  Here is a funny video for you.  It is from the movie "Pink Panther". The actor is Steve Martin.

I would like to buy a hamburger

3 件のコメント:

  1. Steve Martin is so hilarious!! I love it !
    I can’t eat Humberger anymore without remembering this video, thanks for posing .

  2. It's not humberger, it's HAMburger!!!! lol. Ok, just say "Big Mac".

  3. Oops !
    But In Japanese way , ハンバーガーsounds like
    Hum-ber- ger not ヘァンバガー......
    Haha . It happens all the time .

    Personally I prefer Mos to Mac, sorry .