April 28, 2018 クラスあり

Yesterday, we had interesting conversation in class.  These notes are actually from the morning "T" class.  Here are some new words and phrases for your day:
1. on the way 途中
2. a bun in the oven 妊娠
3. out of obligation 義理で
Even though I went out of obligation, I still enjoyed it.
4. I'm not confident at all.
5. Can I take a raincheck. (This is an idiom)
6. I caused trouble for Chiyomi.
6a. I'm sorry for the trouble.
7. If he goes to rehab, he will be able to stand on his own.
rehab リハビリテーション

Recently, it has been really beautiful weather for running. Not too hot, not too cold.  A slight breeze in the morning feels so good. The air was so clear, I could see Chiba very well.

Have a super-great Saturday!

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  1. Wow , many funny and useful idiomatic expressions!

    Jishin ... 自信、自身、地震
    Can you tell the different intornation each ?
    I can’t make it clear myself .
    Like the different pronounciation HUG from HAG