August 8, 2018 The sleeping girl

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The Sleeping Girl

Easy part 簡単 You can do it!

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Yesterday I was on the train. It was very crowded, so I had to stand.  A young girl in front of me fell asleep. She leaned onto the shoulder of an old lady beside her.  The old lady was not happy, but she kept a smile on her face. I was very surprised. The old lady pushed the young girl with her hand.  The young girl woke up, but fell asleep and leaned onto the old lady's shoulder again.  I thought it was very funny.

Hard part チャレンジ  Give it your best shot!

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So as I am standing on the train yesterday, I am watching this girl sitting in front of me.  She appears to be young, perhaps in her early 20's, and she is knocked out cold.  Her phone has fallen from her hand onto the seat next to her, and her body is like a lifeless sack of potatoes. I wonder what in the world could such a young girl have been doing to be so tired.  The train lurches forward, that's when she tilts over like the Leaning Tower of Pisa onto an old lady sitting beside her. She seems like someone who would be kind and let the young potato girl sleep, as she has such a soft, gentle smile on her face.  Then a twitch. Her shoulder gives a slight jolt to the young girl in an effort to wake her up. But, she doesn't budge. The old lady tries all sorts of maneuvers; rocking back and forth, coughing loudly, bouncing up and down, shaking, all while keeping that soft, gentle smile on her face, but the young girl is out like a light.  Not even Prince Charming could wake her up. It is so amusing for me to watch, and I think how lucky I am to have some free entertainment on my morning commute.  It starts to get a little scary when the old lady's lips start to tighten and her smile transforms into this strange grimace. What kind of person smiles in such a way when they are obviously ready to blow their top? I'll tell you what kind of person....an insane psychopath. I am just waiting for the old lady to jump out of from her seat and start choking little Snow White.  "Please don't start drooling on her!" I think to myself as the old lady coughed, jumped, bobbled, and rocked. Then it happens. She pushes the young girl's face off her shoulder and away from her with her hand.  OMG! Are they going to fight?  Everyone is silent, waiting on the edge of our seats for her next move. The young girl wakes up with a puzzled look on her face, oblivious as to what has just happened. She picks up her phone, glances at it, then nods back off into la-la-land.....and back on the shoulder of the old lady with the soft, gentle smile.

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2 件のコメント:

  1. Funny story ! I also run across to see such a scene often.
    By the way ,there is a thing I am not sure.that is about
    location among their seats.Especially,where is the seat occupayed by phone fallen from her hand. Is that opossite side of the kind lady, sandwitching SNOW WHITE ? I am confusing.I wonder if that seat was empty till the phone was fallen dawn.Just take care of beginner please.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Actually, they were both already sitting when I got there. The older lady was sitting on the end, next to the door. The young girl dropped her phone between them. Have a great day!