July 22, 2018 - Hawaii: The Supermarket

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Hawaii: The Supermarket

Key words & Phrases

  • jet lag
  • sleepy
  • sweet tooth
  • aisle
  • turn a blind eye

Easy part 簡単 You can do it!

I am happy to be back in Japan now. When I got off the plane at Haneda, I noticed right away that the air felt very heavy. The climate is very different from Hawaii.  I still have a little jet lag.  I feel sleepy during the day and I can't sleep at night. I am sorry if I get sleepy in class!

Hard part チャレンジ  Give it your best shot!

The supermarket in Hawaii was so different from the supermarket in Japan. First of all, it was much bigger! The aisles were filled with so much food; cakes, candy, cereal, soda, etc.  It was hard to turn a blind eye to all the sweets!!!  I felt guilty for eating a lot of chocolate and candy when I was there, but I couldn't say no to my sweet tooth.  Check out the pictures I took of the supermarket and tell me if you could resist!

That's all for today!  I'll be back tomorrow with more stories from Hawaii. Aloha!

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