July 23, 2018 Hawaii: MUSTANG!

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Hawaii: Mustang!

Key words & Phrases

  • rev up the engine
  • especially
  • apparently
  • lane
  • traffic

Easy part 簡単 You can do it!

It isn't easy to get around in Hawaii if you don't have a car, especially on Kauai. Before I left for Hawaii, I arranged to rent a car on the internet. Of course, since I don't have much money, I reserved the cheapest compact car. However, when I got there, the car rental agent handed me the keys to a MUSTANG!  A Mustang is a really cool sports car. Apparently, there was some kind of mistake and I was so lucky!

Hard part チャレンジ  Give it your best shot!

I had so much fun driving the Mustang around everyday. In Japan, there are so many tolls, and it is expensive to drive anywhere. Furthermore, parking is expensive and the roads are so crowded.  It seems like there is always traffic in Japan.  When driving on the highway, you must stay in the left lane and use the right lane only for passing. However, in the U.S., it is ok to stay only in the right lane ( actually it is the opposite side, though. ) What I mean is that one lane is for slow cars, and one lane is for fast cars. Needless to say, I rolled down the windows, turned up the music, revved up the engine and lived life in the fast lane!


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2 件のコメント:

  1. Ooooo! She’s so beauty !!!
    Really lucky you were !
    With her you did Peter Fonda ?
    Must have been tough to say good bye to her .
    Wellcome back , Mr Hawaii.

    1. Yes, she was so beautiful. I called her "Sally". Nice body, and so full of energy. lol. I hope she is waiting for me when I return next year.