July 24, 2018 Hawaii: Shave Ice

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Shave Ice

You can do it!

In Hawaii, everyone loves "shave ice".  Shave ice is カキ氷 in Japanese.  I think the reason it is called shave ice is because you have to shave a big block of ice to make it.  On Kauai, there is a famous shave ice shop on the west side of the island called "JoJo's Shave Ice".  They had many different flavors.  I got a root beer shave ice. If you have never had root beer before, it kind of tastes like Dr. Pepper.  It had ice cream in the bottom of the cup under the ice.  While I was enjoying my shave ice, a little gecko came and sat next to me.  I thought he wanted me to buy car insurance, but he just wanted some of my shave ice. I gave him some and he seemed to enjoy it.

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