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Today's Topic: Hairstyles Pt.2

1. New Phrase:

let your hair down

If you suggest that someone should let their hair down, you are telling them to relax and enjoy themselves.


1. Come on! We're not in the office now. You can let your hair down!
2. Sometimes I like to let my hair down by dancing.
3. Let’s go to karaoke! You can let your hair down and release some stress!


•もし貴方がだれかに’let their hair down’

  1. さぁ、もう職場ではないんだから気楽にいこうよ!
  2. わたしは時々、ダンスでリラックスするのがすきです。
  3. カラオケに行こう!気晴らしになるし、ストレス発散するよ。

2. New Vocabulary:

1. Bangs
2. Bald
3. Trim
4. Secure
5. Spiky


3. Let’s Read!

There is a popular proverb in English that says “You can judge a man by the shoes he wears.” I have my own proverb, “You can judge a person by their hairstyle.” Here’s a list of my own interpretations of hairstyles:

1. Bangs are too long. - I think people with long bangs are very shy because they are attempting to cover their eyes.

2. The comb-over - This is when men use hair from the sides of their head to try to cover their baldness, for example; TRUMP. I think this shows insecurity and weakness.

3. The bald man with neatly trimmed hair on the sides of his head - I think this shows that a man is very strong and secure. I have heard that many women are attracted to this type of man.

4. Spiky hair- artistic and unique

5. Short, typical business-like hairstyle - someone who is conservative and is not into fashion, nor is very creative.

There are many more that I can think of, but what do you think? Do you agree? What does your hairstyle say about YOU?



2. バーコードヘアスタイル-この髪型は頭髪を横に撫で付けることで髪の薄い部分を隠す、例えばトランプ大統領、不安や弱さを表しているように思います。

3. 頭のサイドをきちんと切り揃えている禿げた人-強く、恐れや不安のなさを表しているように思います。このタイプの男性に多くの女性は惹かれると聞いたことがあります。

4. ツンツンに髪を立てて、とがったスタイル


5. 短髪、典型的なビジネスライク(実際的で実用性重視の)-保守的で流行にはまらず、、非常に創造的とはいえない。



4. Challenge Time:

1. What does it mean to “let your hair down”?

2. What kind of person has a comb-over?

3. What kind of person has long bangs?

  1. “let your hair down”はどういう意味ですか?
  2. どういった人が “comb-over”スタイルですか?
  3. どんな人が長い前髪をしていますか?

*Thank-you, Yaeko san for your translation!
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