December 15, 2018 - Christmas: Rudolph


12月 23-31 は休みです。
Please study English at your home on those days.

Christmas: Rudolph

New words & phrases:
- aspect
- ostracize
- reindeer
- buck
- doe

Let's get started!

One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer".  There is a story that goes with the song.   It is about a reindeer who is ostracized by the other reindeer because he has a bright, shiny, red nose.  But in the end, it is because he is different that he becomes the hero and saves Christmas.  It teaches us an important aspect of American culture; that being different makes you special and important.

There is a claymation movie that is played on TV every year around Christmas.

By the way, do you know the names of all of Santa's 8 reindeer?

dasher dancer prancer vixen comet cupid donner blitzen

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  1. I became a big fun of this claymation movie.
    Thanks !

    1. I like it, too! Did you watch the entire movie?