December 21, 2018 Christmas Cake


12月 23-31 は休みです。
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Christmas Cake

New words & phrases:

  • Apparently
  • tradition
  • at random

Let's get started!

I was surprised to find during my first Christmas in Japan that Japanese people eat Christmas cakes. I had never heard of Christmas cakes before I came to Japan.  Apparently, it is a British tradition.  In the U.S. we don't have Christmas cakes, but instead have fruitcake.  However, it is not very good and no one wants to eat it.  Sometimes when we do Secret Santa at a Christmas party, someone brings fruitcake as a joke. Secret Santa is when people bring gifts without names written on them to a party.  They are placed on a table and then given out later at random. Every one laughs when one person opens their gift and finds....fruitcake.


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