December 3, 2018 NAVY - Becoming the Leader


12月 2, 6, 9, 10, 13,  23-31 は休みです。
Please study English at your home on those days.

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Becoming the Leader

New words & phrases:
- Cryptology
- cadence
- nerd
- rigid
- ironic

Let's get started!

My home in Florida is close to a Navy base.  The base has a special school for Cryptology. I remember when I was about 19, lying in my bed in the early morning, I could hear the Navy people singing cadence as they went on their morning run....at 4 am.  I thought to myself that those people were crazy! In the afternoon, I would get on the bus to go to college.  The bus drove through the Navy base.  I remember seeing the Navy guys and thinking to myself, "What a bunch of nerds!" Their uniforms looked so uncool, they walked so straight and rigid, and their hair was cut so short. At that time, my hair was down past my shoulders, I woke up at 11am or later when I didn't have school, and the only exercise I got was when I was running to catch the bus.

About 10 years later I found myself on that base again.  This time, it was ME in the Navy, wearing the uniform, having the short haircut and LEADING the students out on a morning run at 4am. I became a Navy instructor at the school of Cryptology.  How ironic!

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