November 23, 2018 Have a Cow

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Have a cow.

Image result for dont have a cowIn my blog about the laundry the other day, I used the phrase, "My mom had a cow".  No, my mother didn't live on a farm.  It is an idiom.  It means that she was so upset (angry, excited). Maybe the 日本語 is 頭にきた。I remember there was another time when she had a cow.  I was in elementary school. I was running around the house (inside) pretending to be a ninja.  I had a plastic knife. I was hiding in my room at the end of the hallway. 
Image result for dont have a cowAt the other end of the hallway was the living room. When my mother walked across the living room, I jumped out of my room and threw the knife down the hallway. I wanted to show off my ninja skills. It flew right by her and hit a vase on the table.  The vase broke and she had a cow!

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