November 24, 2018 Shopping


11月 27 は休みです。
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New words:
- Fitting room
- Alterations
- Hem
- tailor
- shoplifting

I need to go shopping because I have to buy some new winter clothes, but I really don't like shopping.  Every year, I wait until it gets really cold to go shopping, but by that time, the stores already have the clothes for next season out.

Trying on clothes is a pain.  It is a little different from the U.S.  In my country, you don't have to take off your shoes in the fitting room. Also, someone is always at the entrance of the fitting room to count how many things you take in to try on.  The purpose is to prevent shoplifting.  

One thing I do like about shopping in Japan is that you can have alterations done if the clothes don't fit. In America, if you need your new pants hemmed, for example, you would have to buy them first, and then take them to a tailor for alterations.

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