November 28, 2018 My Navy Life - One Week


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My Navy Life - One Week

New words & phrases:
- military
- the outside world
- unexpected
- stick it out

Let's get started!

Bootcamp is the word for basic military training.  It was 8 weeks long, and perhaps one of the most difficult things in my life.  Everyday, my instructors were yelling at me, and the training was so hard. Every morning we would wake up at 4 am, eat, exercise, study, fold our underwear, march, exercise, march, study, and sleep.  Then, wake up in the middle of the night for drills.

There were no days off, no breaks, no communication with the outside world. On the third day I thought I wanted to go home. I made a plan to jump over the fence and hop on a train home. However, I thought I should wait one week.  If I still felt the same after one week, I would run away and never come back.  But something unexpected happened.  I became stronger after one week, and so I decided to stick it out until the end.  It was the first step on my long journey in the U.S. Navy.

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