#637 Waiters in Japan

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New words & phrases:

1.  publish (v)     出版する/ 発行する
2.  I am amazed.  驚いた

3.  mention (v)     述べる

4.  come by your table
     by は、’近くに’という感じ

5.  impatiently (adv)  
   待ちきれなく なって

6.  on occasion    時折 (文語的)
     (sometimes but not often )  =now and then / from time to time

** I am amazed . 良い出来事に対して’驚いた’ ... すごい、素晴らしい

Surprised は 良くも悪くもない事

Shocked は悪い出来事に対して

Thank-you Yaeko san for your translation!

Waiters in Japan

Until now, I have published 636 blog posts.  Isn't that amazing?  I wonder if I can get to 1000 by the end of this year.  I'll do my best!

Today, I want to talk about waiters and waitresses.  I have never been a waiter (or a waitress), but it seems like a really hard job.  I am always amazed by the little tiny girls who work at the izzakaya and bring out 6 or 7 big glasses of beer with one hand and plates of food with the other, and they never seem to drop anything.  One of my students did mention, though, that he happily had 2 glasses of beer accidentally dropped on him once.

One thing that many foreigners don't know about Japanese restaurants is that the waiters and waitresses don't come to your table unless you call for them.  I have, on occasion, seen a foreigner impatiently sitting at a restaurant alone, waiting for a waiter or waitress to come.  I always think to myself  "He's going to have a long wait.".

I wonder if Japanese people think the waiters in restaurants in America are too noisy.  They always come by your table many times and ask if you need anything. It's because they want a big TIP!

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