February 2, 2019 Hodgepodge - Happy Groundhog Day!

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2. SLOWブログを聞きましょう。
Are you ready for today's fantabulous English blog?

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New words & phrases:
  1. in order
  2. hodgepodge
  3. sure is
  4. if you are up to it
  5. broad daylight
  6. on the tip of my tounge


The universe seems to be in order again, so today I will write about a hodgepodge of different topics.

First, do you know which day of the year is coldest?
I don't know, but today sure is cold!

Do you know what today is?  It is a special holiday!  Is it 7,5,2 day? No. Is it Valentine's Day? No. It's Ms. Odie's birthday today! If you are up to it, send her a birthday wish.


She has the day off, so I will be teaching instead.  I am looking forward to seeing the Saturday students again.

Does your nose feel itchy when you wear a mask? Mine does. I'm not taking it off, though because an itchy nose is better than a sore stomach!

Yesterday, in the News class we were talking about a robbery in Kawasaki recently. A man was robbed in broad daylight.  Sometimes when I teach, I use Japanese to help students understand. Yesterday there was a phrase, "to drop your guard".  I wanted to say this in Japanese.  It was on the tip of my tongue, but I just couldn't get it out. Do you know what it means?

Thanks for checking out my blog!
Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

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  1. 1. in order 順番に• 正常に

    2. hodgepodge ごちゃ混ぜ

    3. ...sure is ... ほんとうに、たしかに

    ** 文中に用いて... She sure is cute.
    is は、主語と時制によって変化する
    ** 単独で同意を表す
    (It) sure is! たしかに!

    ,if you are up to . もしよろしければ

    ** be up to ( for ) ... したい気分
    I’m up to it . ( I’m not up to it )
    面白いことにup の代わりにdown を使うカリフォルニアの若者がいるそうです。
    I’m down ! いいねー、のように
    If you’re up to it check this phrase into your dictionary.

    5. in broad daylight 真昼間に• 白昼

    6. on the tip of my tongue 喉まで出かかって

    ** drop (lower) one’s guard 警戒を緩める•油断

    1. Thank-you Yaeko san! Your Japanese translation is great! It helps me to learn, too!

  2. ultra- beginner2019年2月2日 15:46

    Happy Birthday Ms.Odeisya
    To drop your guard means 油断する(yudan suru] in Japanese.
    It is said that comes from the story of temple.One day, high rank monk order his pupil to bring a barrel of oil, saying "if you drop it even a drip,i will take your life.so,Look sharp!".This story also show us, in those day ,how rare and precious fuel oil was.
    Would you let your asistant correct my poor English?

    1. Hello, Mr. Beginner. I think your English is quite good! Not so ultra-beginner. That is a very interesting story you shared with us. I can imagine it quite clearly. Please share again! Have a nice day.

  3. Happy Birth day to Odie!

    Hi, John.
    I guess "to drop your guard" means 「油断する(ゆだんする)」.
    Anyway, what is 7,5,2 day?

  4. beginner's luck2019年2月2日 16:34

    Happy BirthDay Ms.Odeisya san
    "To drop your guard"mean 油断する(yudan suru) in Japanese.
    It is said that comes from the old story of temple.One day high rank monk ordered his pupil to bring a barrel of oil,saying "if you drop even a drip of oil(油),I will cut(断)your life.So,look sharp!" .This story also show us how oil was rare and precious. ,in those days. I have written this comment with a little anxiety .I wonder if I could make me understand.

  5. Yeah, Mr. Google is great !

    On another note:
    There are lots of Body Idioms (expressions with parts of body ) both in English and in Japanese .
    The interesting thing here is you say ‘ on the tip of my tongue’ . in Japanese , we say 喉まで, by throat . ..
    Both meanings are the same , I think ,at least in the same situation we use the expressions.
    But why tongue not throat in English? I guessed ... maybe English pronunciation needs more tongue movement than of Japanese .... haha

    There’s another word makes me confused once in a while.
    That is the word ‘mind’ . In English, mind is the place to think . I took it that way . That is to say 頭 in Japanese .
    For instance you say’ make up one’ s mind / chage one’s mind, In Japanese we say 決心する/ 気がかわる
    Like that we use 心、気持ち/ heart , feeling ...
    while when we think , we say 頭で考える
    ... ��わからん。
    Sorry about my hodgepodge thoughts and writing ��

    Anyway Your blog always encourages us to keep going .. where ??? into the clouds ?
    Just kidding !

    Thanks , have a beautiful day !

    1. Thank-you Yaeko san! I think if say "throat", then it sounds as if I were choking.

      I think you are correct with your comments about "mind". The Japanese idea is different with the Western idea of "mind".

  6. ping-pong! Good Job, Akiko! oops, I made a mistake. I meant 7,5,3 day. lol

  7. Good evening folks !

    Sorry I was late to report my husband Phil’s prediction for spring . I had a jet lag .
    Phew.. ��Pennsylvania is too far ...

    2019 Groundhog’s prediction scroll says
    “ Faithfull followers, there is no shadow of me and beautiful spring it shall be”
    How about that ?
    I am happy to tell you all “ you can put away your heavy coat sooner than expected
    this year .

    ... it’s awkward to say, but my Phil is not always correct .... sorry .
    Ms. Groundhog

    1. Thank-you for your prediction, Mrs. Groundhog. I shall retire my winter clothing and bring out my Aloha shirts tomorrow.

    2. You were right, Mrs. Groundhog! You were right!!!! It's so warm today! Spring has come!!! yay!

  8. Mrs. Groundhog2019年2月4日 4:31

    Uh oh ..

    Isn’t that too far , young man ?

  9. Don’t let your guard down, dear !

    1. https://youtu.be/D4d8PHDG4yE ha ha ha just kidding.

  10. Yes. I’m talking to you, son.

    Dead winter is gone.
    It sure is , but sometimes cold spell comes after that .
    Brace up for the cold snap .
    Don’t drop your gun ... no,no, no
    Nono... えっとー
    Yes, Don’t drop your Guard !
    But Drop your gun , of course.
    Have a nice day !