February 5, 2019 Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt. 7

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New words & phrases:
  1. head back down 下山する
  2. make it to.... 達する/うまくいく/間に合う
  3. a fork in the path 岐路/分かれ道
  4. hobble (v) 足を引きずって歩く
  5. I took a guess 当て推量した
Thank-you Ms. Yaeko for your translation.

Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt. 7

Ok, yesterday was fake news.  But seriously, after going around the crater for about 3 hours, I finally started to head back down around 1 pm.  I thought I could get down quickly by running down, but it was a big mistake.  My knees suddenly started to hurt, and I was in so much pain! I had never had knee pain in my life, but now I started to worry if I could make it down or not.  So, I took it slow, one step at a time.  I was doing ok until I came to a fork in the path. I realized then that there was more than one path down the mountain, each leading to different parking lots.  I didn't know what to do, so I took my best guess and hobbled down in pain.

Finally, I made it down by 6pm. It was so hard.  Everyone was waiting for me and teased me saying I was like an old man.

I enjoyed it.  Now, I am thinking about going again someday.  How about you? Have you climbed Mt. Fuji?

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  1. In my case, going down was hard. A small stone entered my shoes, it was painful and uncomfortable.So I wrapped my ankle and shoes round and round from the top of the trousers with gum-tape. You wrote that you want to climb someday again, but I don't think so. Mt.Fuji is not a mountain to climb, I think that it is mountains to see its beauty from afar.

  2. Yes, Akiko. I agree that going down is harder than going up. Strange, isn't it? You are lucky that you had something to wrap your ankles with. I wonder how many people get stuck on Fuji and can't come down because of their knees on ankles? Does a helicopter come to get them?

  3. You guys sound really tough to climb, but you made it ! すご〜い!

    I’ve never tried , but wherever I see Hujisan
    I feel like putting my palms together.
    I’m not so religious but I have a feeling I could understand there is Fuji-faith.
    Fujisan is truly special to Japanese .
    I can’t describe her beauty but I like snow-clad Mt. Fuji.

  4. Hi!
    Yaeko again . Or I should say ‘beginner 4’?
    I always make mistakes .

    Interesting expression here is “fork in the road”
    It was new to me . It means Yshaped road?
    I couldn’t understand first , because usually fork has 3 or 4 tines ...
    and then I remembered a scene in a movie
    “Pretty Woman” . A Hotel manager teachs table manner to a girl whose occupation is prostitute
    Saying , “ three tines are dinner fork , four tines are...” Julia Robert plays the role very well and cute.

  5. That's a good point. I never thought of that. You are right. A fork isn't Y-shaped. But yes, I was talking about a road that is Y-shaped, or branches off into 2 directions. I remember that scene in "Pretty Woman".