February 3, 2019 Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt. 5

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New words & phrases:

  1. vending machine
  2. drift by
  3. crater

Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt. 5

The sun was shining and warm and seemed to welcome us as we made it through the final gate to the top of Mt. Fuji! What do you think we found there? Can you imagine?

There was a ramen shop!  I couldn't believe it!  I wondered how they could build something like a ramen shop on the top of the mountain.  How did they get all the supplies and necessary things up here?  There was also a post office, souvenir shop, and some vending machines!

In front of the ramen shop, there were some benches. Many people, young and old were sleeping on them.  A heavy fog drifted by and I decided that I would go around the crater. It seemed a little dangerous because there were no rails, and I thought it would be easy to fall. One place was really steep.  I found a spot where I could climb down into the crater.  There was nothing but ice and snow there, but I felt it was a special place because it was hidden from the world. 

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  1. Congratulations John! You did it!
    When I stood at the top of the Mt. Fuji, I had no appetite because of altitude sickness. Over the past 20 years, I still have a postcard from the top.

    1. Oh, That reminds me. I sent a postcard to my mother from the top. I wonder where it is now....