#639 The Japanese Student Pt. 2

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New words & phrases:
  1. to look directly at someone 人を真っ直ぐに見る/ 直視する
  2. he yelled at me 彼は私を怒鳴りつけた。
  3. attentively(adv) よく注意して
  4. pay attention 注意を払う
  5. practice (v) 練習する (ここでは、「稽古する 」が適当かな?
  6. opposite (adj) 反対の ここでは名詞で the opposite と使われているように、反対の(人/物/事) です。
Thank-you Yaeko san for your translation!

The Japanese Student Pt. 2

I was sitting Japanese style with my feet under my legs as I always do in class (seiza). I was in my Aikido dojo, but in Florida.  I was watching my teacher's feet and hands, listening attentively, and

taking in everything he said as he spoke.  But then suddenly he yelled at me.  He was angry and said something like "Don't you think this is interesting, John?"  I realized that I was being Japanese!  I was quiet and not looking directly at him, and he thought that I was not paying attention.

In my Aikido dojo in Japan, however, I was the opposite.  The other students would rarely ask questions.  We would often have American students like me from the Navy base come. Since I could speak English, my teacher would ask me to teach them.  I thought they were so noisy.  They always said, "why, why, why?". It seemed like they were speaking more than practicing.

Why are Japanese students so quiet, and why are American students so noisy?


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