February 1, 2019 Climbing Mr. Fuji Pt. 4

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New words & phrases:
  1. the air was thin
  2. hilltop
  3. zip by
  4. What energy!

Climbing Mr. Fuji Pt. 4

We could see the top! We were almost there, just a little more way to go. However, it was just another little hilltop.  It looked like the top, but it wasn't.  We felt so tired, maybe because the air was thin. So we sat down to take a break.  That's when a little old lady and her 2 little grandchildren came zipping by.  She stopped to talk to us. She was Japanese, but she could speak English. She said that it was her 7th time climbing Mt. Fuji!  What energy!

I felt like we were in an airplane because from our viewpoint, we were looking down on the clouds.  The sun was shining and warm and seemed to welcome us as we made it through the final gate to the top of Mt. Fuji! What do you think we found there? Can you imagine? 

To be continued....

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  1. New W&P :

    1. the air was thick 空気は薄かった

    2. hilltop 小山• 丘(の頂上)

    3. Zip by かすめる• 素早く動く

    4. What energy! なんて元気なんだ!

  2. 訂正
    1. the air was thick ❌
    the air was thin ⭕️