#640 The Japanese Student Pt. 3

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The Japanese Student Pt. 3

The other day in class, one of my students who had once been a serious student of KENDO explained to me the concept of SHU HA RI.  When Japanese students begin learning something, they follow what the teacher says and don't ask questions.  The reason, I think, is so that the student can learn the basics the exact same way as the teacher did before.  The good point is that the student will learn the fundamentals completely and properly. The bad point is that the student may only know, but not understand, and it can take a long time to learn this way.

American students consider thinking and understanding to be more important for learning than following the basic steps.  That's why they ask so many questions. They want to have a complete understanding before they focus on the fundamentals.   This is an important point in American culture.  Even Steve Jobs' motto was "Think Different".  The good point is that the student can learn and remember quickly.  The bad point is that some important basic steps are missed and can prevent someone from reaching a very high level.

I think the best way to learn is a little of both! 

先日クラスで、剣道を深く学んだ1人の生徒さんから守破離の概念(コンセプト)についての説明を伺いました。日本の生徒さんが何かを習い始めると、その先生の言う通りに従い(追随し)、質問等はしません。私の考えるところ、その理由は、そのようにすれば、かつてその先生が習得した全く同じ方法で、「基礎」を習う事ができるからではないでしょうか。その(方法の)良いところは基礎(基本)を余すところなく、正確に習う事ができる点でしょう。一方その短所は、生徒は 「知る」know だけで、「理解する」understand には至っていないのかもしれませんし、この方法では長く時間がかかるとも考えられます。アメリカの生徒は基本を段階的に従って行くことより、思考しthinking 理解していくunderstanding ことがより重要だと考えます。彼らは「基礎」に重点的に取り組む以前に完全な理解(complete understanding) を望むのです。そのような訳で、アメリカの学生は多くの質問をするのです。この事はAmerican culture に於いて重要な点です。スティーブ・ジョブズのモットーは「Think Different」です。その利点としては学習者は時間をかけずに早く学び、覚える事ができることでしょう。またその不利な点としては、いくつかの重要な基礎的なstep が見落とされる事で、非常に高度な レベルへの到達が妨げられうるという点でしょう。
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  1. i love this theme ,sounding very phylosopycal.its often said practice makes perfect ,and also primacy of practice over theory shuoldnt be forget.there is basic theory first,as our senior found it through unimaginable effort and development."think different" mmean "break through" something depending on basical techniques already are.so,the procces,whether active or passive learning attitude is rather small deal.the problem is how to proceed that more forward ,i think.so,i totally agree with your conclusion .

  2. Would you tell me how to deliet my comment I sent.I noticed It was full of mistaken English .I should have spent lot of time to check it up before email.

    1. hmmm. I'm not sure. Do you see a delete button? Which comment do you want to delete? It's ok to make mistakes. Your comment doesn't have to be perfect.