February 7, 2019 - My Favorite Teachers Pt. 2

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New words & phrases:

1. philosophy (n) 哲学

2. ...like no other teacher

3. summer break 夏休み

4. He moved me. 彼に感動した。
- move (v) 感動させる
I’m moved .
I’m touched (by) 心に触れる
I’m impressed (with) 感心する

5. stoic (adj) 禁欲主義的な

6. lengthy (adj) 長ったらしい

** 2. ... like no other ... ほかに類を みない/ 唯一無二の/ 特別な

ex. This is a moment like no other .

Thank-you Yaeko san for your translation!

My Favorite Teachers Pt. 2

My other favorite teacher was my Philosophy professor in college.  His teaching style was unique. It was like he had the whole book in his head, and he taught with so much passion.  The way he taught moved me like no other teacher. I went to the library and read as many books as I could about philosophy and even spent the whole summer break reading!  I got a perfect score on every assignment in his class, and even on a lengthy essay, which was hard to do.  I think he was the best teacher because he moved me to study philosophy not only for his class, but also outside of class. Even now to this day, I read books about philosophy from time to time. Recently, I have been studying the philosophy of the Stoics.

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5 件のコメント:

  1. I am also reading philosophy as a textbook at the English class .Title is The Philosophy of Stoicism - Massimo Pigliucci.Needless to say ,that is all GREEk for me. But I feel only self-satisfaction for learning high intellectual field,just like I look cool. I know that is meaningless.I wish I were you.
    To Chang a subject, If you say"He motivated me" instead of "He moved me" ,Does that mean too far from What you want to say ?

    1. Hello! Thank-you for your comment. I think "He moved" me is stronger than "He motivated" me. Think of it like this: move=inspire, motivate=encourage.

      I like your joke...."It's all GREEK to me". ha ha ha

    2. I appreciate your concise explanation .It was not all GREEK to me this time . My scales,not contact lenses,fell from my eyes. Thank you so much indeed.

  2. Now I understand why your writings are so good. The superior teacher planted inquiry spirit in you .
    By the way , Let me add more proper Japanese tlansration for a word , [move] here .

    In Here ‘move’ is used in two sentences.

    1. The way he taught moved me like no other teacher . 他のどの先生とも違う、彼のその教え方は私を感動させた。
    * ここでのmove は心を動かす➡︎感動させる

    2. He moved me to study philosophy...
    * 勉強するようにmove した。
    つまり、.... する気にさせる、ある行動を起こさせる( move ... to do ) 行動への誘引を与える
    prompt / motivate

    Move は動く、移動する/ 動かす, という、原義
    から、物理的な物の移動だけでなく、心を動かす、ある方向に行為を動かす(行動する) という

    2の使い方は、新鮮でしたが、とてもナチュラルな言い方でimpressed しました。

    John, the way you teach moves me like no other teacher and also moves me to study English not only for your class but also outside of the class.

    Thank you .