February 4, 2019 Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt. 6

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New words & phrases:

1. crater (n) 噴火口
2. edge (n) 端•縁•周辺部
3. swirl (v) 渦を巻く
4. tremble (v) 震える•揺れる
5. explode (v) 爆発する
6. burst (v) 破裂させる•押し破る
7. eardrum (n) 耳の鼓膜
8. make a mad dash for ...
... に向かって猛ダッシュする
9. lava (n) 溶岩
10. nearly (adv) もう少しで
11. fiery (adj) 火のような
スペル注意 not firey
12. run for one’s life
一目散に逃げる=run for it 口語的

** for one’s life ... 命懸けで

Thank-you Ms. Yaeko for your translation.

Climbing Mt. Fuji Pt. 6

So there I was in the middle of the crater with nothing but snow and ice. A few small clouds climbed over the edge of the crater and swirled about a little bit before climbing out again. It was perfect peace under the pale blue sky.  Until....suddenly the ground started shaking under my feet. My first thought was that it was an earthquake, so I made a mad dash for the edge of the crater. It was hard to stand as the mountain trembled. I finally made it to the edge when the shaking got worse and worse. People started screaming and running down the side of the mountain! Was it going to explode? And then it happened....there was a large explosion in the center of the crater and out came not lava, but the head of...GODZILLA!!!! OH MY GOD!!! His screams nearly burst my eardrums as the sky turned a fiery red and I ran for my life.

To be continued......

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  1. Hi, Jhon. Thank you for your interesting blog. I’ll check it.

    1. Thank-you for your comment! Have a wonderful day!

  2. i am enjoying your series on climb mt.fuji. i would like to make sure,in the first place, when your first climb was,.and after that
    how many times you did.i am afraid i am going ahead of your writing schedule though.

    1. Hello Beginner 2 san, Thank-you for your comment. I only climbed it once. Maybe again someday...

  3. Amazing !
    Really enjoyed the fake parts . Godzilla.
    You’re a Genius story teller! ( in a good way )

    Do you know the place where we can see real head of Godzilla ?

    Shinjuku Toho Chinemas
    Between the buildings Godzilla head pops out
    every hour you can hear its howl and beams
    From the mouse ... dying to watch !!!

    1. Yea! I have seen it in Shinjuku. It looks cool! When I hear the sounds, it's like I'm in a Godzilla movie. I imagine everyone running through the streets, but instead you just see many foreigners standing around gawking with their mouths open. ha ha ha

  4. Many Foreigners standing around gawking with their mouse open?
    That’s some another sight !!!!
    I have to go !

  5. Not mouse! I'm not talking about Disney! lol.

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  8. Oooooops !

    Too darn cold !
    My mouth is freezing too !
    Mickymousemadeamistake. MickymouseusedMinnymouse’smouthwash.....