NOW - Coffee guy

OMG there is a young Japanese guy sitting across from me on the train sipping his can of coffee like he is slurping soba.  What is wrong with this guy.?!?!  I'm trying to work here!

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  1. No waay!Whaat!?😱
    He is dying of thirst😱😱😱💦⁉︎
    Oh😭, poor guy…💦

    however, It's very unpleasant sound
    Bad manners☠️
    Stop it! Stop it no‼︎🖐🏻
    Don't slurp🙌🏻
    That sound is hard on the ears

    Although In Japan , it's not rude to
    slurp your nodles🍜😉
    Of course , Don't eat on the train😁

    1. Hello Banana san! How are you? I'm grape! Orange you glad it's Saturday?
      I don't think he is dying of thirst, just bad manners. You are right. It is hard on my ears! Maybe I should try eating cup noodles on the train...slurp, slurp, slurp. Have a wonderful x3 day and watch out for monkeys!