January 31, 2019 Umbrella

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New words & phrases:
  1. the trick is
  2. countless times
  3. jump in/jump out
  4. pay attention to something


It looks like rain today, and maybe even snow tonight!  It is interesting to look around and see so many different types of umbrellas.  They say you can judge a man by his shoes, but how about his umbrella?  Can you judge a person's personality by the umbrella that they carry?

In the U.S. I very rarely used an umbrella.  I had a car, so whenever it was raining, I would just run out to my car and jump in. I have never owned so many umbrellas as I have in Japan.  I have left my umbrella here and there countless times.  I found that the trick is to have an expensive umbrella. The reason is that if it is expensive, then you pay more attention to it and are careful not to leave it behind.

Did you remember to bring your umbrella today?  You can come stand under my umbrella!

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!

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  1. New words and phrases:

    1. The trick is to ..... するこつは

    2. countless times 数え切れない程何度も

    3. jump in/ out 飛び乗る/降りる

    4. pay attention to something ...に注意を払う